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What Makes a Luxury Candle a Real "Luxury Candle"?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

When you hear "Luxury Candle," you think of elegance, simplicity, beauty, and uniqueness. Still, whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one that happens to be a candle lover, you might be asking yourself what exactly a luxury candle is.

Luxury Soy Scented Candles Simplybyelegance
Luxury Candles

What is considered a Luxury Candle?

Luxury has been defined as adding pleasure, satisfaction, or comfort without it being necessary. People tend to buy candles for 3 particular reasons such as for home decor, fragrance, and spiritual/aromatherapy. Well if you are wondering what a luxury candle is here are some attributes.

Luxury Soy Scented candle Simplybyelegance
Luxury Candle

The Scent of a Candle

Luxury candles are usually known to have specially- blended scents using 100% essential oils that help create an aroma that attracts people. Luxury Candles tend to contain a number of scents, balancing a combination of fragrance notes that create a wonderful aromatic experience.

Candle Wick

Candle wicks also make a big difference in the way your candle burns. Luxury candles are expected to burn clean & consistently at a moderate temperature. At Simply By Elegance, we prefer to use 100% cotton wicks. The material, thickness, and design are made to complement the size of the candle, wax, and fragrances.

The Wax

The type of wax filling the container can determine how long a candle lasts and the strength of its cold/hot throw scent. Luxury candles typically use alternatives to paraffin, such as soy wax. Simply By Elegance designs candles made from soy wax, (eco

-friendly, vegan-friendly) which has a slower burn than paraffin and allows you to enjoy the scent 50% longer.

Type of Container For Luxury Candles

The container that you use becomes the staple of your luxury candles. The material, color, weight, and design all play a significant part in creating the perfect Luxury Soy Scented Candle.

Each luxury candle company takes its own unique approach to candle containers. At Simply By Elegance, we spent time trying to carefully choose the perfect candle glass holder that represented elegance & luxury with a touch of simplicity.


SimplyByElegance is a company that specializes in the hand-poured creations of our Luxury soy Scented Candles inspired by elegance & simplicity.

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