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How to make homemade candles

Updated: May 27, 2023

How to make scented soy candles. A quick and easy guide to creating homemade candles with 100% pure essential oils.


Soy Wax

Containers (heat proof, glass, ceramic)

Wicks (cotton or wooden, depends on the style you prefer)

Essential Oils (100% pure natural)

Glue, Tape ( to hold wick in place)

Scissors or wick trimmer

Heat proof container eg. (Pot for melting)

Spatula or Stirrer

Measuring Cup



To attach the wicks to the bottom of container use glue tabs, sticky tape. Use popsicle sticks to hold wick in place by placing them on either side of wick.


Time For the Wax

If your jars hold 1 cup of fluid, then measure out 2 cups of soy wax flakes. Place wax in heat proof container, sit container in a pot filled with water set on medium heat and begin to melt the wax.

Make sure wax is completely melted before removing from heat.

STEP THREE Adding Essential Oils

Allow wax to cool to about 165 degrees then proceed to place 30-40 drops of any pure essential oil of your choice. Stir slowly for 1-2 minutes for even distribution.

Pour wax into container at 145-155 degrees allow to set for at least 24 hrs; until wax has become solid.

STEP FOUR Wick Trimming

Now that your candle has set. It's time to trim your wick. Hold wick and cut to about 1/4 in.

And your all done!!

So what do you think?

What is your favorite scent or wax to work with?

Right now I'm loving a new scent that I made some candles with "Fugde Brownie " smells absolutely delicious

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