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What are Crystal-Infused Candles?

Updated: May 27, 2023

Crystal Candles are scented candles made with rough or smooth tumbled crystals that are known for healing, helping you to relax, provide peace, love, success and positive energy.

Crystal Candles also known as Intention Gem Candles or Crystal Infused Candles have been in existence for thousands of years for so many reasons but most of all healing and bringing positive energy and grounding negative energy. Depending on which stone you use; crystal candles have different benefits due to the infusion of energies from these various crystals/stones.

As crystals come from the earth its' been said they are sacred having a connection to Earth’s energy. Allowing for healing, growth and bringing change into your life.

Some Benefits of Using Crystal Candles

Grounding of Negative Energy

Mental Clarity

Spiritual & Emotional Healing


Helps with insomnia

Elevates surrounding energies

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz also known as Rock Crystal is a transparent and clear colored crystal. The meaning of clear quartz is healing, strength and spiritual growth. It can help with mental emotional stability, and it is popular in meditation and manifestation. It is a protective stone and can amplify your mental abilities.

How to Burn a Crystal Candle

It is recommended to remove large crystals prior to burning, to give an even burn. You can leave smaller pieces since the sink to the bottom upon wax melting.

Simplybyelegance has a collection of Manifestating Crystal Scented Candles

Each with its' own unique benefits.

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Pink Quartz brings soothing, calming properties helping to get rid of anger and all negative behavior. If you're someone looking for calm, reflection and the vibration of love then our Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Candle Set is perfect.

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