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Do Gemstone Bracelets Really Work? "Gemstone Energy Beaded Bracelets"

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Rainbow Gemstone Energy Beaded Bracelet
Gemstone Bracelet

Benefits of Healing Gemstone Bracelets

When wearing a bracelet made of healing gemstones it can help you feel more grounded, clear-minded, balanced, and invigorated with all the benefits of healing from quality gems while also allowing you to experience the benefits of your personal chosen gemstone healing bracelet.

While wearing your gemstone energy beaded bracelet you can focus its energies on the side of the body on which the bracelet is being worn. When wearing your healing gemstone bracelet on one wrist or the other, you can focus on the side that needs more healing attention. Gemstone bracelets help to address issues along maternal or paternal lines of ancestry.

Either mother or father can pass down bad habitual behaviors such as stubbornness or alcoholism. Wearing a gemstone bracelet allows you to focus on that side of your family history. You can become more aware of certain habits you picked up, why you picked them up, and how to resolve them. (

One side of the body relates to the paternal lineage and the other to the maternal. The right side relates to the masculine and the left side to the feminine. Bracelets worn on the right wrist deal with the issues from the Father's lineage and bracelets that are worn on the left will deal with the issues from the Mother's lineage.

How to wear Healing Gemstone Bracelets

Now, focus on the reasons why you need/want to wear your bracelet. For example, when I wear a gemstone energy beaded bracelet to feel more emotionally/mentally balanced I place it on my left wrist to take in and resolve issues on my grandmother & mother's side. If I wear it on my right wrist it will deal with the issues or habitual behaviors from my grandfather & father's lineage. (

How do you decide which wrist to wear your bracelet?

Just let your body decide. While thinking about why you want to wear your healing gemstone bracelet, hold it in your right hand and see if it navigates toward the left. Repeat with the left hand.

Don't worry one side will pull more to the other and that should be the side to wear your bracelet. But no matter how you decide to wear your bracelets, they will still be safe and effective in their healing abilities.

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