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Chain link: Jewelry (Simple and Elegant)

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Chain links are back! ( chain link necklaces and chunky styled bracelets). For example

Dior Danseuse has designed a bracelet with that chunky link look that gives a feeling of timeless, vintage.

And who can forget the look that all started in the '70s. This style was really a part of the 'men's jewelry world' worn especially by celebrities. Chain link necklaces have been worn by many hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z, The Lox, Dipset and more. Popularity of the Cuban Link grew to new heights for Urban Fashion/Jewelry.

Since then, the variety of style and dress has changed the view of men's only jewelry. Women are now finding different ways to wear chain link chains, yes even that chunky hip-hop style look.

The Jewelry trend of 2021 shows more of the layering (stacking) of chains and charms. A lot of the layered look is created using Classic Cable, and Cubin/Wide link.

During the Fashion season of winter 2020 we saw designers like Chloé, and Chanel bring back the link look causing high-fashion appeal along with their unique designs.

Simplicity is what everyone tends to look for. The link chain and the ability to style it the way you want makes it a "go to" for today's fashion whether you like stacking or wearing a single chain or a thick link chain with a charm/pendant; this chain will continue to make a statement with flair and simplicity.

Check out the different types of chains below:

  1. Snake Chain

Snake chain or the Brazilian chain is made with plates tightly woven to form a chain.(smooth and flexible).

2. Cable Chain

This chain has oval links that interlock one another to make a necklace or bracelet.

3. Curb Chain

Curb chain; flat, twisted and interlocked. They can be chunkier with diamond cuts; helps create that statement of fashion.

4. Cuban Link Chain

Seen mostly with men in the hip-hop industry; this chain is linked by thick round or oval pieces.

How to wear link necklaces

How you wear a link necklace is all up to you! These necklaces can be worn from choker length to much longer lengths either layered or single. You can pair it with bangles or bracelets (simplybyelegance). Whatever you choose; link necklaces can be worn for any/all occasions.

Simplybyelegance designs and sells charmed gemstone beaded jewelry and more. Our designs are full of color, fashion and most of all inspiration. We strive to provide trendy styles at affordable prices.

We tend to use gemstone beading such as lapis lazuli, jaspers, amethyst, black onyx, pink quartz and more. Our beaded pieces are created using a combination of beading known to aid in mental/physical instability.

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